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  • Cruelty-free with Zero Animal Gelatin
  • No Artificial Colors, Dyes, and Flavors
  • Full Spectrum Extract of HHC
  • 25mg Per Gummy
  • Non-GMO and Gluten-Free
  • 100% Natural Ingredients

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About HHC Gummies

Our HHC Gummies are the ideal method to maintain your composure when you need it most, whether you’re at home or on the go. Each Gummy Cube contains highly potent HHC extracted from hemp, which has several health advantages for both your mind and body. These advantages include lowering stress, calming racing thoughts, boosting mood, and promoting deeper, longer periods of sleep and relaxation. In other words, it’s the ideal method for unwinding and relaxing.

At Elevate, HHC gummies come in a glass bottle of 30 gummy cubes, each infused with 25mg of HHC, which totals to 750mg per bottle.  Because they don’t contain any animal gelatin, these HHC gummy cubes are completely vegan-friendly and come from the top American farms.   

All of our gummies are bottled in pharmaceutical grade glass jars to preserve freshness and potency and ensure a long shelf life. 

HHC Gummy Dosage Recommendations

Before taking any amount of HHC, it’s important to know how much to take. Everyone will need a slightly different amount to get the effect they want, depending on their weight, age, or tolerance. Here is a basic guideline:

  • 5–12 milligrams of HHC per use is a low dose.
  • 12–30 mg of HHC per use is a medium dose.
  • 30–60 mg of HHC per use is a high dose.

It’s possible that different dosages will work for different users, so this advice shouldn’t be regarded as official dosing standards when using HHC. When taking HHC, always use your best judgement! Start with a low dose and, if necessary, gradually increase it.


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