Delta 8 Pre-Roll (Banana Runtz)


  • Expertly Rolled with Premium Delta-8 Hemp Flower
  • 1 Gram Total
  • Strain: Banana Runtz
  • Organically Grown/Non-GMO
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested

Banana Runts is a hybrid strain made by crossing the popular Banana OG with Runtz. This well-known strain is thought to encourage a sense of balance. Banana Runtz users claim that this strain leaves them feeling tingling, energized, and aroused.

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About Delta 8 Pre-Roll (Banana Runtz)

Take your fruity THC cravings to an elevated level with Elevate’s Delta 8 Pre-Roll in the Banana Runtz flavor. This remarkable creation combines the delicious allure of ripe bananas with the legendary Runtz strain, offering an experience you’ve never had before. Made with the perfect blend of premium banana flavor with exceptional Runtz strain, you can bet Elevate has come up with a harmonious symphony of taste and effect.

Take your first puff and find yourself captivated by the banana dance in your palate and subtle waves of Runtz, bringing relaxation effects. As the potent Delta 8 THC dives deeper into your system, you’ll feel tingling, energized, and aroused. 

So, get your hands on Delta 8 Pre-Roll (Banana Runtz), and allow your worries to fade away in the background as you encounter a unique, enchanting experience with the Banana Runtz strain.


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