Our newest harvest of Delta 8 flower is cultivated in a state of the art facility in California, with an emphasis on locally sourced products. These particular strains combines a potent and exciting effect with a delicious taste aroma. Our cultivation process is completely organic, meaning we do not use any pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. We breed our strains specifically to maximize the Delta-8 content, resulting in a smooth smoking experience. Enjoy the benefits of Elevate’s Delta-8 THC Flower today. 

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    Delta-8 flower is a type of hemp flower, also called thc infused hemp flower, that is bred to have high levels of delta-8 THC, a naturally occurring compound found in the marijuana plant that produces the high every cannabis smoker is crazy about.

    In simple words, the hemp flower grown in plants is modified by humans in a controlled environment by infusing delta-8 thc extract into it, just so that we can enjoy its euphoric properties and relax in moments of crippling anxiety.

    Delta-8 flower is known for having a less intense and uplifting high than delta-8. It also has several possible therapeutic benefits, such as reducing anxiety and inflammation, alleviating pain, and mood change.


    As a hemp flower, Delta 8 can be smoked, vaped, or used in a dry herb vaporizer. The most efficient way to consume will be up to you and the resources or tools you have at your disposal.

    However, the most common way to use delta 8 flower is by smoking it in a joint or a pipe. In case you are a newcomer to the smoking tribe, here is how you can smoke a delta-8 flower.

    • Grind it up: Use our 4-level grinder to break the delta 8 flower into fine pieces. This will ensure that it burns evenly and smoothly.

    • Pack your smoking device: Whether it’s a joint or a pipe, pack it up with your freshly ground delta 8 flower. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the rolling paper or choose a uniquely designed pipe to enhance the experience.

    • Light it up: The moment has arrived. Use a lighter or matches to spark up the delta 8 flower and inhale the delicious aroma.

    • Take it slow: It’s important to take it slow with the hemp flower. Start with small hits and take a few minutes to feel the effects before taking more.

    • Breathe out: After holding the smoke in for a few seconds, exhale and enjoy the experience.

    Remember that delta 8 flower can affect each person differently, and it’s important to do your research and consult a healthcare professional before use. But with these steps, you will surely have a memorable and enjoyable experience with delta 8 flowers.

    Our customers usually get the smell-proof storage jar to store their favorite delta 8 flower supplies at elevate.


    The hemp flower is available in three distinct types or strains: sativa, indica, and hybrid strain, which combines characteristics of both. Knowing that these powerful strains will each uniquely impact you is the first step in making the most of your experience with delta-8 flowers.


    Compared to Indica, sativa has longer, narrower leaves and a more elongated, delicate body. The slight haziness of this hemp plant strain is worth it for its euphoric effects. Sativa is a daytime strain because it stimulates mental and physical activity.


    Compared to sativa, indica is shorter and has a longer lifespan. Because it induces deep relaxation and general tranquility, this strain is excellent for winding down for a good night’s sleep. Due to its relaxing properties, avoiding the indica strain hemp flower during the day is often recommended as it may make you feel lazy and unproductive for the day.


    This hemp plant strain is the best of both worlds as it is formulated to have best properties of indica and sativa in one hemp flower. Hybrid hemp strains are widely available in the market and often have types. For instance, some hybrid strains are ‘sativa dominant hybrid’ for hemp enthusiasts who love sativa more but don’t want to miss out on Indica’s tranquil properties either.

    delta-8 flower


    If you know anything about how delta 8 is made, then you would have some idea that delta 8 is extracted in labs from cannabis plants in such a way that it is available to the masses today.

    Manufacturers use a technique called “isomerization” to transform CBD into Delta-8-THC.

    Although delta 8 thc is a naturally occurring substance found in cannabis plant in extremely small quantities, in fact, less than 1%, manufacturers have to use different wide-scale extraction methods to extract it in huge quantities.

    Following extraction of Delta-8 from CBD, the substance is further refined until only delta 8 thc is left. It is also called delta 8 thc distillate.

    To legally produce Delta-8-THC smoking material, this pure Delta-8-THC substance is infused with high-quality hemp flowers. Once the hemp flower are mixed with CBD, they are called cannabis or CBD flowers. Various manufacturers’ approaches to manufacturing Delta-8 flowers provide wildly varying outcomes.


    Before you get too excited to experience that euphoric high, here are some important factors you should consider to get value for money when you buy that CBD flower.

    Hemp Quality

    Delta 8 THC items should have the highest grade and purity for maximum effects. Buy from businesses whose products have undergone-party testing at credible labs to ensure they are free of dangerous ingredients and accurately labeled.

    The quality of hemp also depends on its origin and the place it is cultivated in. Most of the highest-grade hemp is cultivated on farms in the United States. For instance, 8 flower at elevate is cultivated in a highly secured state or art lab facility in California.

    You should ensure the extraction method is organic and free of or harmful chemicals.

    Potency and strains

    Delta 8 THC and terpene levels can vary widely amongst strains and hemp plants, creating various effects. To get the most out of your delta 8 flower experience, it’s important to select a strain with the right combination of active ingredients or terpenes.

    Pricing of the delta 8 hemp products

    Think about how the’s costs and benefits stack up against one another. Be sure you’re getting a good deal by comparing prices and customer ratings across multiple brands.

    Variety of Products

    It’s important to consider the range of a company’s product portfolio before purchasing. Delta 8 THC flower and other hemp products are available in various sources, including edibles and those who sell it in tincture and vape cartridge form. Before committing to a specific brand, ensure the product satisfies your needs.

    Third-party lab tested

    Ensure that the products the brand offers are third-party lab tested and cruelty-free. Before using, you must have third-party verification that the hemp plants used are free of known carcinogens like lead and mercury.

    Brand reputation

    Pick well-respected brands known for providing excellent service and satisfying their clientele. Try to find companies that put a premium on their internet reputation and customer service. As customer satisfaction is key to any business’ success.

    delta-8 flower


    After seeing the therapeutic potential of hemp firsthand, a group of men and women with a combined 25 years of expertise in the cannabis industry created Elevate. Since then, Elevate has prioritized cannabis research and commercialization to develop the market’s most potent and secure.

    The company is now leading in the cannabinoid products market. We offer CBD products, including 8 thc flowers, for medical and recreational purposes. The company provides the highest quality of goods designed to prioritize our customers’ health first.

    Transparency is another reason elevate will be your go-to brand for delta 8 flower. As a company, we believe in earning our customers’ trust through transparency.

    We don’t believe in keeping our customers in the dark or giving them any reason to ‘blindly’ trust us. We want our customers to know us and trust us therefore. You will find our lab results published on our website for you to see.

    Our delta 8 flower is one of the most potent flowers out there. We breed our hemp strains specifically to increase the delta 8 content; as a result, the smoke and high are very smooth and euphoric.

    We offer delta 8 flowers in 3 different flavors; delta 8 flower-Zkittles, Delta 8 flower- northern lights, and Delta-8 flower- sour diesel.

    Not only do we as a company believe in quality, but we also believe in providing value for money and ensuring that customers don’t feel burdened. So If you subscribe to our website, you will receive a 25% discount immediately. Otherwise, the price range is around $39- $69.

    Plus, the shipping is super fast, so we have our customers covered and cared for.

    All the products at elevate are legal, Non-GMO, Organic, and third-party lab tested. So you can trust us, especially if you are a beginner.


    The answer is yes, Delta 8 flower will make you high. It’s possible to become high or euphoric from delta 8 THC, a psychoactive substance in cannabis.

    Delta 8 THC has effects comparable to those of Delta 9 THC, the principal psychoactive component in cannabis, but with some subtle differences. The effects of Delta 8 THC are said to be less intense and more cerebral than those of Delta 9.

    Yes, you can. Smoking is the most preferred way of experiencing its euphoric high.

    Delta 8 Flower has less than 0.3% THC, making it perfectly legal to buy and export under federal law. Moreover according to federal farm bill of 2018 and federal court’s ruling delta 8 thc is legal.

    Some of the negative effects of Delta 8 Flower include a dry mouth, red eyes, and a fuzzy state of mind. It’s also possible to have a slight hallucinogenic impact, so take caution.

    delta-8 flower


    Delta 8 flower may be your next best friend in times of sheer anxiety but we have to remember that not every recreational medicine works the same for everyone. Because we trust our products and care for our customers, we would advice that you consult your personal caretaker before jumping on the bandwagon. Because to us nothing matters more than a healthy lifestyle of our customers.

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