We truly believe of the product we sell and are beyond excited to share them with our customers. The cannabinoids found in hemp have a way of bringing equilibrium our bodies. Our vision is to deconstruct the hemp plant, one cannabinoid at a time, so that we can test, analyze, and then reconstruct cannabinoid blends that are exponentially more beneficial than the hemp plant in its natural form. By doing this we hope to help as many people as possible become the healthiest versions of themselves.


Elevate was founded by a group of men and women with 11 years of cannabis experience after witnessing the healing powers of hemp firsthand. Since then, Elevate has focused on research and bringing cannabinoids to market in an effort to create the most effective and safest products on the market.

We are now a leading distributor of CBN and Delta-8 in the United States. We offer a range of THC and CBD products for all of your recreational and medicinal needs.

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